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How to Design

A popularly-known guideline of Writing is to, “write the book you would love to read.” I really would love to read a book on how to start creating my own original beadwork designs; however, I have not found this book anywhere. Other authors’ patterns are widely available to follow — with rights, of course, reserved to the designers — but no one seems to want to teach (or perhaps, be able to teach) beaders how to work things out on their own, with the notable exceptions of people like Jamie Cloud Eakin. There appears to be a dearth of materials available for high-intermediate- and advanced-level beaders, that is.

And yes, you can be one of these even if you have to look at a reference when you encounter problems! No one constantly remembers every little tip and trick for every situation, especially when you’ve been doing this off-and-on for decades. If you’re so moved, I also am building a Resources Section, of interest to intermediate and advanced beaders.

I’ve been giving this some thought. I’ve drafted an outline of all the ways I can think of to approach the problem of design, short of working around an individual, living body. I’m hoping to flesh it out on this site. Although — should I succeed — it would likely be helpful to retain in a beadworker’s hard-copy library, I am thinking that offering it online gives the author more options to link to other online resources. It would be like an intertextual guide, that is.

It’s my hope that this little work of mine will help me, as much as it helps you; I am not excluded from the process of learning, here. Sometimes, writing and teaching are the best ways to learn (…maybe not so much in beadwork, though!). My goal here is to provide an access point to this knowledge on the Web, and to help build a community of beaders here on WordPress. It would be untrue to say that I would never consider accepting money for this work (expenses happen, after all, and providing a useful information resource is likely of more value than just selling jewelry); however, I don’t plan on monetizing this site any time soon.

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