Site Plans, and working on a late Xmas gift

I’ve been compiling data from multiple sources where I’ve written about the potential future of this site and blog. Two nights ago, I entered these into a document; last night I printed them out. This is essentially one and a half pages of what I could post on this site (given that it’s beading- and jewelry-related), the majority of which was first brainstormed in a letter to my career counselor. I hadn’t realized that so much was there.

I’m pretty sure I’ll need to cut it down…or find a different Theme with more Menu sections–! Right now, though, it’s looking interesting. There is a lot I can work with, even without going to the length of creating a forum or giving more socially-oriented help (like direct teaching).

There are a number of different section headings I could use, though I believe I’ve already mentioned most of them in the past (though they’re scattered around). It might be to my benefit not to share all of these at such a nascent stage, and all in one place. I still have to make some kind of logical order out of all of it, not just groupings based upon shared characteristics. That is, given that this is my project, what do I want to make it into, and what services do I want to exclude? Is there an underlying logic to what I’m willing (and not willing) to do?

So, today is Xmas. Unfortunately, I was so wiped out yesterday that it was as much as I could do, to get a rough draft of this post eked out before I fell asleep. I’ve got one project in the pipeline which I understand how to do, which is just awaiting final construction right now.

Two or three nights ago, I was able to work out the design, and I know I can complete it with what I have now; although it is a different use than intended, for the toggle! Working on this piece has raised more questions, however…as work will tend to do. I have some drop beads I’m using, which I last night figured out are Miyuki 2.8mm “mini fringe” beads. I didn’t even know Miyuki made mini fringe beads (they’re smaller than the 3.4mm regular Miyuki fringe beads), but I was able to go into my spreadsheet and rectify the error from two years ago.

I believe I’m using the C-Lon color, “Aurum,” for the band, though this shows a discrepancy with the label I made at the time of integration into my materials. I am also learning to use “mounting knots” as versus straight lark’s head hitches, for mounting a cord onto a ring. It actually does work better. I’ve just got to remember not to drag the cord against a loop if I make an error and have to undo the knot. Abrading the cord will cause the strands to separate (unless they’re glued or fused together).

I have flagged figuring out the mystery of all the drop beads, for future consideration…i.e. “fringe” vs. “mini fringe” vs. “Magatama” (or “small Magatama”) vs. “Long Magatama,” vs. “drop” vs. “long drop”, etc. To make things more challenging, there are also Czech drop beads — which, from a trip to General Bead in San Francisco (a long time ago), I know come in myriad sizes, including some that are pretty tiny.

Although I’m getting tired again just sitting here writing…I think that if I get to work on the circlet, I’ll be OK.

Using the mini fringe beads adds a built-in curve to the side of the circlet…meaning that there is no annoying place where the beads bump up against each other in a blocky fashion. I think I’m on the verge of using more Japanese size 6/0 and 8/0 beads. After having gotten fairly deeply into using Czech size 6/0 beads, I’ve learned that they are really not necessarily consistent where it comes to size, and that using a Japanese 6/0 next to a 4mm fire-polished round may actually turn out better. Plus, there’s a greater (or at least, “different”) color range in Japanese seed beads.

The problem is differentiating Toho from Miyuki from anything else (Matsuno, etc.) in the 6/0 range, and seeing that even these are not all the time comparable sizes to each other. I found the other day, for example, a Silverlined Light Topaz set of beads that I got from I-don’t-know-where, with a brand I hand-wrote on the tube and now question — which look like they’re supposed to be 6/0s, but they are on average, much bigger than my old Toho 6/0s (I’m pretty sure the latter are Toho, because I have not seen any other “Transparent Gold Luster Pink” beads which look like this. These are from the old bead store I frequented which shut down, which never labeled their bead brands…and I’m curious how these ended up in the supposedly, “Czech 6/0” section). Even given that: the new Tohos in the “same” color and size seem to be different than the old ones! Gah!

(I’m frustrated here majorly because there is an ongoing thread on this blog of my realizing that bead sizes may just be a nice ideal, rather than referring back to solid reality.)

Maybe I should be happy that there is a multitude or range of sizes at any one time? Maybe Toho just upgraded their machinery? I don’t know. Does it actually, practically matter? That, I also don’t know. For instance, the size difference between two of my 4mm fire-polished rounds is apparent to the eye, but when used one by one, it may be possible to “fudge” the difference.

We’ll see. In any case, I’ll also see whether, even with the sizing discrepancies between old Tohos and new Tohos (which…I think they’re made in batches all at once — but it has been some years, they probably had to make more), they’re still more regular than the Czech 6/0s.

I’m also on the verge of knotting more loosely than I have been…and it’s looking nicer. I’ve been experimenting with diagonal half-hitches, and have learned that I can’t strangle the life out of that type of knot, at least when I’m making bars of knots that I want not to warp.

I guess I’ve written enough to satisfy myself, for now. Time to bead, I guess?

Errata, 1/29/2022:

As noted in the post directly following this one, I should disclose that what I thought to be 2.8mm Miyuki “Mini Fringe” beads in this post, were more likely 3.4mm Miyuki Fringe beads. The color of C-Lon Tex 210 (Standard weight) that I used was also more likely to be, “Marigold,” than, “Aurum.”

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