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It’s nice to be able to type, taking needed time out so I can compose what I actually want to say. I’ve been working on Pages recently, more than Posts (that is, the site rather than the blog). I am also encountering the need for Developmental Editing — I’m doing it on my own right now, and that’s fine, especially as I’m not done even getting all of my thoughts out in the first place — but I find that I keep going off on trains of thought which would distract anyone from my main topic. How do I know? Things cohere again when I cut them out.

Then there is the fact that I go off on these long side conversations (which have an organic ending point), and clipping them out leaves the beginning of another Page, which can be (and probably should be) expanded. Transitions and endings are my weak point, however (which is odd for someone whose thoughts range as much as mine do). I can tell that I’m going to have to use anchors. At least, I’ll want to experiment with them.

A long time has passed since I’ve written anything…well, to last, I suppose. Not only am I writing this as a semi-serious thing (semi-serious is one step up from casual, where I’m actually attempting, for example, research — but not without humor, and not so dry or formal as to drive away readers)…I’m also trying to display my skills as a writer. Writing is what I need to be doing, and being hired as a writer requires writing samples. Because of that, I’m paying attention to things that might go under the radar in a blog post.

Also because of that, my other semi-active blog is likely to see some important revisions. I’ve been reluctant to do anything about it because it’s so massive, and I wrote there in a very personal sense (in effect, I came into my current understanding of my own identity on that blog)…but it will be good for me to go over it and pare it down further; and maybe revise and resurface some content.

At that time, it seems like I would be able to repurpose it into something where maybe I could be more open than I am, here, or write about topics other than beadwork and the entire business thing. I do have other parts of myself, among them a crippling sense of idealism. How much easier would the world be to navigate if I had no scruples, right? But then the world would be one light less and one scumball more. Nobody wants that!

Maybe I could read some of my more troubling (but historically important) old posts, and respond to them from a present-day outlook…which will, of course, similarly become eventually dated.

I thought I would miss the instant gratification of having posts show up immediately after I’ve written them, but part of learning to love writing is also learning to love rewriting. Prior to the rise of the ‘Net, I would think most writing was not sent out in first draft status (unless it was a personal communication)! If it weren’t for continual content generation and the filtering out of things that don’t make it to the public eye…hey, most writing would be rewriting.

I’m attempting to approach SpectralBeads as I would approach a hyperlinked manuscript. Granted, I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, except within a project having to do with graduation. I’m also realizing that because of the nature of what I have to say…it may not be published in pieces, but after thorough reshuffling of ideas and documents. This has the potential to become a valuable online resource, that is; not just for myself. It could also demonstrate my writing skills.

I do have an outline published for the part of the site I’m working on now (mostly as a reminder) but it’s becoming pretty clear that at some point, I’m going to have to move beyond it. Once the content in the outline is covered, I will likely take it down (and replace it with the actual fleshed-out content).

After that, I might want to do some reviews of the books I do have; link to relevant tutorials and other sites; link to relevant suppliers. At that point, I’ll likely have thought more about what else I might like to do with the site, other than chronicling my process…

Published by Haruna

Haruna is a Librarian by training, currently pivoting from Public Services into Technical Services. Their undergraduate major was English -- Creative Writing, and they hold an additional small degree in Art (i.e. Visual Arts). They are now pondering whether a career in Academia is viable or desirable, given the current situation.

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