Macrame board with vials of beads and experimental bracelet forms

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Multicolored pearl and glass necklace

Find an archive of my posts here, as I chronicle my travels through beadweaving, beaded micromacrame, jeweling, and assorted other crafts.

I also hope to list interesting places online, especially for seed beaders.

How to Design

Mother-of-pearl and seed bead micro-macrame necklace with brass bells

I still have not found a really good book on how to create one’s own beaded designs, as versus how to follow designs made by others. I will be posting essays here as I explore my own generative path. Maybe some of this can help you, too.


Close-up of purple micro-macrame bracelet

This is your doorway to view past designs I’ve made. Some of them are made from basic beadweaving stitches easily referenced online or in books. Others are my personal creations.


Born out of the love of color, weaving, and light, we serve as a hub for beadworkers online.

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A list of beadwork references and resources I’ve used to learn my craft, both print and online. As I find more resources of interest to the intermediate and advanced beader, I will review them here.

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